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Time is running out to tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) we oppose hauling dangerous, high-level nuclear waste across the country to Texas for "interim" storage.

The NRC proposes to license a Consolidated 'Interim' Storage (CIS) facility for nuclear power high level waste in Andrews County, Texas. Building this so-called ‘interim’ site would require hauling dangerous, high-level nuclear waste all over the country twice: Once to the ‘interim’ site, then once again to a permanent site—if that is ever built. If the permanent site is not built, the ‘interim’ site could become a de-facto permanent storage site. Communities in West Texas and surrounding areas would become the latest sacrifice to the nuclear industry along with all the neighborhoods along the transport routes.

We have one last chance to flood the NRC with comments on their inadequate Draft Environmental Impact Statement on this dangerous proposal. The deadline for comments is Tuesday, November 3rd—Election Day, if you can believe it! Tell the NRC and your members of Congress to say NO to the CIS facility in Texas.

Hauling nuclear waste is extremely risky. Getting the waste to the proposed site from nuclear power reactors across the country will require the largest nuclear transport campaign in world history--more radioactivity and more shipments than ever before. NRC's environmental analysis unjustifiably claims the transport impacts are small and ignore or minimize important environmental dangers.

Shipping high-level waste over the decades it will take to get it to the proposed dump could create a national disaster. Land, water, and air for miles around an accident site could be threatened by dangerous, possibly uninhabitable, levels of contamination.

Tell the NRC and your members of Congress to say NO to the CIS facility in Texas.

This high-level nuclear waste CIS proposal is part of a larger pattern of NRC proposals and decisions that increasingly put the health and lives of millions of Americans at risk.

As if all this weren’t enough, the NRC short-circuited the democratic process, holding poorly run conference calls for public comment during the pandemic instead of waiting until after the pandemic and holding proper public meetings.

Again, the deadline for comments is Tuesday, November 3rd. We still have time to weigh in. Tell the NRC and your members of Congress to say NO to decades of high level nuclear waste through communities across the country and to the proposed CIS facility in Texas.

Thanks for all you do!

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