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Help stop a bad radioactive waste bill in the Texas Legislature.

SB 1046 (by Senators Birdwell and Seliger) and HB 2692 (by Rep. Landgraf) claim to but fail to stop a new high level radioactive waste dump in the state while removing protections and existing fees to the state for the so called "low-level" nuclear waste already coming in to Texas.

Due to loopholes, the bill fails to stop deadly high-level radioactive waste from coming to Texas. And Waste Control Specialists/ Interim Storage Partners (WCS/ISP) refuses to withdraw their federal application for high-level radioactive waste a Centralized "Interim" Storage (CIS) facility.

Governor Abbott vetoed massive financial giveaways to WCS last legislative session, but the company is back, wanting them and more. If the bill passes, Texas would lose hundreds of millions of dollars, or more, from surcharges on the "low-level" radioactive waste that already comes to the existing  WCS nuclear waste burial ground. The State of Texas won’t be able to afford long term maintenance or radioactive and chemical cleanup without this funding.

To make it even worse, safety regulations would be loosened and an antitrust requirement would be removed. 

CLICK HERE to email Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and your State Senator and Representative!

Emails and calls to TX officials are making a difference. Please do so and share with others to take action.

Thanks for all you do!

The NIRS Team

Diane D'Arrigo
Denise Jakobsberg
Tim Judson

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