This war is horrendous and unacceptable. The US must deter the violence by extending sanctions not just to Russian fossil fuels, but to its nuclear industry as well. We shouldn’t continue sending our electricity dollars to finance Russia’s war on Ukraine anymore than we should be buying Russian fossil fuels for our cars and power plants.

ACT TODAY! Tell US Leaders: Sanction Rosatom - Renewable Energy Independence NOW

Extending sanctions to the Russian nuclear industry doesn’t mean that the US should then expand domestic uranium production. The war in Ukraine shows us: We MUST invest in a renewable, just, and efficient energy transformation that makes us more secure, resilient, and safe. 

Call on President Biden, Congress, and the Department of Energy to Sanction the Russian nuclear industry and invest in a secure and renewable energy system.

Thank you for all you do! 

The NIRS Team

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Denise Jakobsberg

Tim Judson

Ann McCann

Hannah Smay 

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