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We need all hands on deck to flood Speaker Johnson's office with phone calls calling for passing the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA)! The final decision on RECA now rests with Speaker Mike Johnson and other leadership.

We must turn our full attention to Speaker Johnson and make sure he knows the public supports passing RECA as part of the NDAA (the annual Defense spending bill). We aim to inundate their office with calls in support of RECA with your help! Below we have included a suggested script for you to call with!

Johnson’s office number: (202) 225 4000
This number will put you in contact with someone at his office who can take your message.


"Hi, my name is [your name]. I’m calling to urge Speaker Mike Johnson to keep provisions to strengthen the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, or RECA [pronounced REEK-AH], in the NDAA. S.Amendment 1058, introduced and passed by Sen Hawley in the Senate, would improve RECA by finally including radiation-exposed communities that have been fighting for decades for justice. Congressman Johnson has said in the past that this issue “is a bipartisan concern,” and Rep Jim Jordan has said repeatedly: "No one here disputes that if the Federal Government recklessly took actions that led to our citizens getting cancer, we should provide compensation for that harm" We know the government did expose its own people to radiation. RECA is the remedy for that harm. Please make sure RECA stays in the NDAA." 



Your active participation in this crucial phase can make a significant difference. Let's unite our voices in support of RECA and work together to secure its inclusion.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to this important cause.

Onward with action, 

The NIRS Team

Diane D’Arrigo

Denise Jakobsberg

Tim Judson

Ann McCann 

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