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As you know, nuclear energy is dangerous to our lives and the environment. Exposure to nuclear radiation causes cancer and other diseases. Waste from nuclear facilities leaks into our environment, poisoning our air, water, and soil. The list of dangers from nuclear energy goes on and on. And the nuclear industry has a dirty habit of unjustly laying these harms on the most vulnerable among us.

That’s why we’re launching Who’s Protecting Us?, a hard-hitting campaign calling out Congress and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for failing to protect us from the dangers of nuclear power, including radiation, nuclear waste, and the dangers of climate change.

But we need your help to scale up this new campaign. Your donation will help pay for online organizing and related expenses. Each contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous anonymous donor. Make a donation to the Who’s Protecting Us? campaign today.

In theory, the NRC should protect us from these nuclear dangers. But Congress and the nuclear lobby have muzzled the NRC, directing it to promote nuclear energy rather than protect us from it. The NRC, in turn, has gotten far too cozy with the industry it should regulate tightly.

Enough is enough. Congress needs to let (or make) the NRC do its job. Make a donation to the Who’s Protecting Us? campaign today.

The Who’s Protecting Us? campaign contains six core demands from Congress and the NRC:

  • Protect us against climate disasters that could turn into nuclear disasters.
  • Ensure the NRC protects Indigenous and environmental justice community rights.
  • Prevent exposure to radiation.
  • Set safety and emergency requirements based on disaster prevention, not on easily biased probability calculations;
  • Ensure the NRC is an independent regulator, free from industry influence, and close the revolving door between the NRC and industry.
  • Protect people and the planet by moving us as fast as possible to 100% renewable energy and phasing out nuclear power and fossil fuels.

Whether you contribute or not, please share the Who’s Protecting Us campaign widely with your friends and family. The dangers of nuclear power are real, and we need our leaders to protect us.

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