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As your Representative and Senators review the budget for 2024, let them know you want no funds for Consolidated “Interim” Storage sites or CIS. Tell them that tax dollars should not be wasted on moving tens of thousands of tons of high level nuclear power waste through our communities on roads, rails and waterways, only to move it through again some day. 

Tell your US Representative and Senators: DO NOT FUND Consolidated “Interim” Storage (CIS) nuclear waste sites in the FY 2024 Energy and Water Appropriations bill

Every nuclear power reactor site is already a de-facto nuclear waste site. Don’t let Congress make MORE nuclear power waste sites. Congress must NOT provide funds for so-called “interim” or “temporary” sites that only serve to spread nuclear waste across the country for decades. 

Speak up! Tell your elected officials to keep funding for Consolidated “Interim” Storage OUT of the budget.

Thanks for all you do!

The NIRS Team

Diane D’Arrigo

Denise Jakobsberg

Tim Judson

Quinn McCann

Hannah Smay 

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