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We can’t let our chance for jobs, climate, and justice drown in the swamp of cynical Washington politics.

ACT NOW: Tell the White House and Congress – NO corrupt nuclear bailouts in the American Jobs and Families Plan!

Congress and the White House are proposing a massive national bailout for the nuclear power industry — up to $50 billion over the next decade. Nearly the entire $50 billion would go to just eight corporations across eight states. Worse, $30 billion of the federal nuclear subsidy would go to two companies that are the subject of federal corruption cases.

This would severely undercut the environmental and economic goals of President Biden’s American Jobs and Families Plan. President Biden and Congressional leaders should not risk derailing this critical chance to build a thriving, equitable, clean energy economy. The infrastructure bills will do more for climate, jobs, and justice without a nuclear bailout, and by investing everything we've got in the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Take Action for Climate, Jobs, and Justice!

Our elected leaders must seize the opportunity to take swift and effective climate action and not sacrifice our future to scandalous corporate bailouts for nuclear power plants. This week, we are asking you to send a message to your members of Congress, President Biden, and Vice-President Harris telling them to keep these corrupt, wasteful nuclear subsidies out of the American Jobs and Families Plan. Tell Congress and the White House NO to corporate nuclear bailouts and YES to the transition to 100% renewable energy! 

Bonus! Read the latest GreenWorld blog on the corporate scandal of the proposed national nuclear bailout. Read more... 

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