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Any resources we spend on nuclear — whether bailing out old reactors or subsidizing new ones — is time, money, and jobs wasted. 

Tell the White House and Congress — No Nuclear Power in the Infrastructure plans!

Congress and the White House are proposing investments in nuclear energy that would divert tens of billions from safer, cleaner, more emissions-reducing, and more job-producing energy sources.

We can’t let the nuclear industry steal resources from actual climate solutions in order to subsidize dirty, unjust, uneconomical, and experimental energy systems that fail to enact the just transition we need and deserve.

The infrastructure bills will do more for climate, jobs, and justice without a nuclear bailout and reactor subsidies, by simply investing in the transition to 100% renewable energy. 

Take Action for Our Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Future

We can invest in the carbon-free, renewable energy future we need – and we must. Wrangling greenhouse emissions and taking swift, effective action to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis is the most urgent task facing Congress and the White House. This week, we are asking you to send a message to your members of Congress, President Biden, and Vice-President Harris telling them to keep corrupt and unnecessary nuclear subsidies out of the American Jobs and Families Plan. Tell Congress and the White House NO to nuclear distractions and YES to the transition to 100% renewable energy! 

Bonus! Read the latest GreenWorld blog on how billions for nuclear R&D could cost us the climate. Read more... 

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