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The last operating reactor at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is closing in April -- but the fight is not over!

A corrupt nuclear waste company called Holtec is trying to take over Indian Point. If that happens, the plant may never get cleaned up--continuing to leak radioactive waste into the Hudson River for decades.

This week you can take action to stop it!

New Yorkers have worked for decades to shut down Indian Point and build a safe, clean, sustainable energy future. Closing these reactors is an historic victory. It not only means 20 million people in the New York City region will be safer -- but we could finally stop Indian Point's radioactive leaks and clean up the Hudson River.

But not if Holtec takes over the plant. Holtec has never completed cleaning up a nuclear reactor site, and it has a long track record of fraud, bilking government out of tax breaks, and walking away from contracts. What's more, because Holtec has no experience, it plans to bring in another company with an ever worse record of corruption, fraud, and abuse.

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) has to approve the plan for Entergy to sell Indian Point to Holtec. 10 years ago, the PSC stopped Entergy from "spinning off" Indian Point and its other nuclear power plants into a new, separate company which--like Holtec--would surely bankrupted the decommissioning funds and left New Yorkers in the lurch. Entergy must either take responsibility for the mess it has made, or come up with a better plan that protects New York and cleans up Indian Point. Holtec is not the answer.

Tell the PSC: "Say no to Holtec! We need a real cleanup of Indian Point."

If Holtec takes over Indian Point, it will get ahold of $2 billion of New Yorkers' money that was set aside years ago for dismantling the reactors (called decommissioning) and cleaning up the site. Entergy now holds those funds, but they would simply be given to Holtec along with Indian Point. Holtec plans to pay itself and its "partners" out of the funds. Once they run out, Holtec could declare its Indian Point "subsidiary" bankrupt, walk away from the site, and leave New Yorkers to finish the cleanup.

On top of that, Holtec plans to dump Indian Point's nuclear waste in a Hispanic community in New Mexico. Holtec is trying to set up a "consolidated interim storage" site (CIS) for irradiated nuclear fuel, and get taxpayers to foot the bill for shipping and storing waste there from all across the country. The site would become a de facto permanent waste dump, and endanger communities along the transportation routes.

Act Now: Stop the sale of Indian Point to Holtec.

We need a safe, responsible, environmentally just plan for cleaning up Indian Point. Holtec is the wrong company for the job.

Thanks for all you do!

The NIRS Team

Diane D'Arrigo
Denise Jakobsberg
Tim Judson

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