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Nuclear power has a huge environmental and climate justice problem—and we need Congress and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to do something about it.

That’s why we recently launched the Who’s Protecting Us? campaign: To hold Congress and the NRC accountable for failing to protect us from the combined dangers and injustices of nuclear energy and climate change.

We want to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans with this campaign—but we need your help. Reaching that many people takes work! Your donation will be matched by a generous donor, so donate today to the Who’s Protecting Us? campaign.

From uranium mining to the siting of nuclear plants to the handling of nuclear waste, the nuclear industry never fails to hurt Black, Indigenous, and communities of color with their dirty practices.

And that doesn’t even include the dangers that communities living near nuclear facilities face because of climate change. Nuclear facilities are highly vulnerable to flooding, mega-storms, and other climate-related disasters.

It should be the NRC’s job to ensure justice and safety for these communities. But Congress has muzzled it, and the NRC has become cozy with the very industry is should regulate. Right now, NRC won’t lift a finger to ensure climate and environmental justice for our most vulnerable communities.

This has to stop. Congress needs to make the NRC enforce environmental and climate justice. Help us hold Congress and the NRC accountable by donating generously today.

Whether you contribute or not, please share the Who’s Protecting Us?  campaign widely with your friends and family. The dangers of nuclear power are real, and we need our leaders to protect us.

Thanks for all you do,

The NIRS Team

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Luis Hestres
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Tim Judson

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